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Hello guys been a long time since I have posted any builds, time to correct that. This will be my first truck build ever so I will just try to do a decent clean build, we will see how it goes, I will have plenty of questions for all you truck guys. All comments and advice welcome.

First 2 pics of the raw engine with a few hoses and wires added along with my scratch built double groove pulleys and alternator bracket, pic 3 and 4 have the basic engine painted gold and a few bits in flat and semi gloss black, last to pics I added the 2 fan belts a dark wash and just a hint of rust to the exhaust side of the turbo. I think the engine is pretty much done.

1. My first question, the directions say you can paint the chassis black is this ok or can I use another color, the cab will be red I think.

2. Is gold the correct color for this engine, yep to late now but I am curious.


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What you have done so far looks great. Black is the common color from factory. Most chassis roll off the line black and then if ordered a different color, it's then painted before the cab and other things are assembled. The red is a nice choice, and a black frame would look like it just rolled out of the factory.

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Hi guys and girls time for an update, sorry it took so long but my airbrush hose broke which slowed me down a bit. I got some progress on the chassis done, installed both fuel tanks 1 of the battery boxes, both air tanks, front and rear suspension, still need to install lots more like the other battery box and cross member  just to name a few.

I am pleased with the way it looks so far for my first build and I am learning from it. Any and all comments welcome.

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