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Renault, Citroen, Trabant


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I can't believe how long it took me to get around to building these models. Maybe a year! I thought they would be Winter 2015 builds. Of the bunch, the Trabant was the toughest, mostly because of the trim. With the other builds, I tried my hand at making workable hinges and it turned out ok. I used reference photos of the 1:1 cars to decide on the color schemes. Purchased some aftermarket decals for the Renault. 







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Hi Doug, man I just had a big grin viewing these models.  Well done!

These cars were seen everywhere in all of Europe back in the day, even the "Plastik Bomber", the Trabi in eastern Europe.  They were real stinkers though, just about indestructible.

Then the "Duck" in all of its various styles.

Just the R4, I don't understand what Harry means with the headlight wires.  The car appears to have French plates, what's with the wired headlights?

Nice collection, thanks for showing.

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Got it!  Thanks guys.

Doug, the car has Euro plates, that would definitely mean the headlight bulbs would be replaced, not the whole headlight should the lamp not shine anymore.  On a simple car like the R4, that would mean the juice goes directly to the bulb socket in the back, meaning right in the middle of the lamp housing.  I've replaced many halogen lamps bulbs on economy Euro cars, they were all middle.

But never on a Renault car, so there is a possibility of being otherwise. 


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Well done! So few people do these wierd little cars but I do enjoy seeing them and have built a few myself over the years. Scratch built the Citroen panel about a year before the kit came out and have built a couple of Trabant sedans but not the universal yet. You' done a great job on all three and I'd be proud to have models this well built on my shelf.

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