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1980 MPC 1/20 Z28 Camaro Resto for 5$


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Wow,,been seeing some great stuff on here today,,{not refering to mine as much} Anyways,,I dig the NNL shows here in SE Mich.  I was at last one DAMM show,,and its cool the stuff you find in ziplock bags for 3-5$,,1/2 started glueblobs of beauty. This was such a case,,its supposed to be a turbo mtr,,and it came w/the turbo setup,but I like the reg mtr setup,,so modified that to reg carb setup,scratch built some side pipes,scratch built roll bar,did some minor wiring.plumbing in mtr bay.  Painted w/testors quikdry enamel,,and flat sand interior. It didnt have the stock front grill in kit,so I got a grill from the spare parts bx,mounted behind air inlet in front grill area. All in all,it was worth the 5$.   Just a hats off to MCM for adding my 1/12   67 Vette in your 2016 contest mag,,i grabbed 3 copies!  Thanks so much,,S014_zpsczb3kz34.jpg011_zpsvscpp8tj.jpg010_zpsjcqwdmeq.jpg008_zpszll9yp8l.jpg007_zpsat2kf32t.jpg028_zpsfymnhanl.jpg029_zpsymfbd4y1.jpg

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