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Does anyone know a retailer with a good selection? I have looked for weeks and some places have a few items but usually not much. Looking for wheels (modern style) but engines etc would be nice as well. Wheel and tire sets would be a big plus too.

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Guess this is not going to be as easy as I hoped. Thanks for the responses.

Cody a  few of the wheels you posted are wheels straight from kits or die casts . Others looked to be modified. Look at the drag kits for a good source. If you look at the Resin and after market section  there is a list of people that make parts. It may be down the page farther. 

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Havent had much luck on shapeways, and 50k items pop up when searching 1/25 drag wheels. I have been looking at some slot car drag wheels and this may be a viable option. The wheels would need worked a little to work correctly. Has anyone had success with these? Pro track has some nice looking wheels at decent prices. However they would need fitted with tires and may need some work on the backside of the wheels to be adapted to a model car. They are also 1/24 scale but I know they often use model bodies on slot cars.

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