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2 years too long...

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Hi everyone, I been away from models and this forum for about 2 years now. The nights are getting colder now and winter is coming. The itch is back to build something. I'm looking forward to saying hi to some old friends and making  a few new ones. I went to a couple local model shows over the summer and the tables were pretty sparse. I have see all the new kits coming out and all the reissues of older stuff but I felt like the hobby was dying out until I rejoined this forum. I see some fantastic models that have been built and dispaled on here while I was away and some really great looking project underway. I'ts great to see the hobby still alive and well and I'm looking forward to being a part of it again. Thanks for taking the time to read my dribble, Jim

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Welcome back. There aren't a lot of car modelers out there, but we can congregate here, and that's one of the beauties with the Internet.

Model Cars are alive and well on the west coast. But the shows can be hit or miss. We've only got a couple of model car only shows in southern California; Spirit of Speed, and Lower Left Coast NNL. There are a few IPMS shows with big model car contingents. Orange Con had a huge model car turnout this year. Model Expo, which the San Diego clubs organize, usually has a good turnout of model cars. The Spirit of Speed show had a modest, but high quality turnout. (glad I wasn't judging that one! too many tough decisions)

I think this is the best time ever to be building model cars. We've got so much knowledge, supplies, and detail parts available.

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