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1947 Ford COE hauler repaint

Albert Moore

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Hi All,

Not sure if this belongs here as it isn't a model kit per se, but a Jada diecast that was stripped back to bare metal and then repainted, along with a few bits added from the spares bin. The interior was painted and detailed as well, and the windows tinted with Tamiya Smoke. The decals are from Revell's 1930 Model A Coupe. The model on the hauler bed is the current reissue of Monogram's Ford Model 'T' Street Rod.

Here is what I started off with. The model as it comes right out of the package-Ford%20COE_10_zpssxmlxzlb.jpg

It was disassembled, and the cab, fenders, and bed were stripped of the factory paint using aircraft stripper. Very noxious stuff. Ford%20COE_9_zpssaniggvw.jpg

Coat of Dupli-Color red oxide primer was sprayed;Ford%20COE_11_zpsbdidtldz.jpg

The interior was painted with Model Master and Tamiya acrylics, as well as Model Master enamels (mainly the Chrome Silver pedals and steering wheel);

Now the finished model-

Thanks for looking!


Albert M.

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