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Peterbilt 359 My First Big Rig

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This is straight out of the box with no add ons. Even the paint and decals are the same as the box cover. It's Purple Pearl acrylic with Pledge clear. I'm not very adventurous with color yet but I'm fairly satisfied with the results considering it's my third model. All comments, critiques and suggestions are very much welcomed and appreciated.







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Thanks! It's fun to get some feedback.  I tried to go cheap and easy for the first one, but I think I undershot it with this. There was really nothing to this model and no challenge at all. I also went cheap with the acrylic craft paint since this was my first go 'round with an airbrush.

For the next rig I was thinking of one of Revell of Germany's Dump Truck or Wrecker. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations that can save me some time and money I'd really appreciate it!

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It was mostly a snap kit. Most of it is molded together without many pieces, so like I said there wasn't much to do. I did glue a few spots where parts didn't line up and couple that I didn't want falling off when handling. This is probably a good model for a true beginner, but I was looking to learn something about building real truck models. I'd rather have to struggle with it than not be challenged at all.

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