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I was inspired when I got this new kit and started to look for some possible famous first Gen Broncos. I remembered that Mr. Kimble from Green Acres had a '66 Bronco Roadster. So my search went on for reference pics. I saw the other reviews so far and agree with the wheels are too small. I don't mind the tires, the rim size really is a bummer. I also agree with the sides being too flat / straight. I have attached some of my references.

hank-kimble-66bronco.jpgMr. Kimble's Bronco

5802367123_5258412ca5_b.jpgRoadster with street tires. Note the turn signals


Note the front fender badges.



images (1).jpg


Note the top of the tailgate.


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Here is my progress so far, I removed the beltline trim, marker lights to make the truck pre '68.

14915265_237975966621782_6088440913776016977_n.jpgStarted removing the marker lights

14937233_237976053288440_983888145541730removed trim, hinges and marker lights


14639737_237976153288430_2876463448993125863_n.jpgfilled in door handle mounting point, swing away spare mounts and filled in holes beneath tail lights




14963274_237976236621755_1869104319134908703_n.jpgrounded off rocker panels and added material below


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I'm hoping to see a resin company cast the fiberglass door caps. I had a car for sale or trade (SS Nova) about 7 years ago and one guy contacted me with a trade for his Bronco it was pretty cool, White, full fiberglass body, the door caps were molded with the body, Nice lift, 4X4, little 347 small block... I really thought hard about trading I kinda wish I'd had now. 

My stepdad owned 2... I was too young to remember them vividly but I've seen pictures. One was light met. green with the white stripes, and one was deep purple with white stripes. His first wife rolled the green one so he bought the purple one right after that. I'm gonna add this kit to my collection soon.

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