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Kenworth "Bullnose" (Stratomodels 1/25)

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Here's my latest project. I decided for something special. So it will be this oldie. Resin cabinekit is from Stratomodel. I must prepared just a chassis. That frames I used are coming from KFS. But it is possible to make it from profiles. All chassis is just a copy of some amt kit. I bought also reworked engine NTC 250 (same as White Freighliner kit). From resin, there are also wheels. I can say it is probably the most quality resin I've seen before. Top details.

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Kit maker is my very good friend. Unfortunately this kit is sold out. This kit I've bought 3-4 years ago. It is very rare resin. He made at same quality KW S900, Pete 351 and Pete 280/350 Coe "Bubblenose". All of those kits are sold out...unfortunately.  Now he prepared reedition of 351 and Autocar DC 75/100. If will be some news I will inform you guys.

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Stratomodels (Pavel Behensky) sells the Page & Page suspension as a separate set. But I don´t know if there´s any left. He produces only limited batches and they are usually sold out very soon.

He also created KW torsion bar suspension including the top feeded drive axles.

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