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Truck 'Loading Bay' Diorama WIP

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Well fellows, it has certainly been a while since I posted my last truck build, especially longer if we mention a 1/24 scale diorama for that matter. Here is where I am with my latest project, representing a Truck 'on/off' loading bay. Now, let me apologies for not posting pics from the very beginning stages of this build. Unfortunately I lost pics from that time period. I was doing a transfer from my phone to the computer and erasing the originals at the same time. So, these are the ones that I have available for you all to see. But, I still have a bit to go before this is finish. So hopefully, I will be able to take some photos of the process from here on out. Hope you enjoy the photos. I wanted something different to work on and I thought this theme would provide some interest. It will incorporate a trailer, docked, and an open cargo bay next to the one you see in the diorama already. I will also add a forklift and some workers inside one of the bays. I am, trying to keep things simple, yet interesting for the eye to gaze upon. so we will see, if I can achieve the look I am going for. As always, things might change along the way or not, but regardless of how it turns out, I will try and make it an interesting diorama.The base for the diorama is made out of foam board or poster board and placed on a picture frame.





The Bay parts were made scratch built from plastic styrene and rubber materials, cut to fit. The signs were made from photos of the real thing scale down in Photoshop.The big opening which is painted a dark brown will remain as is. I decided it will not be seen, so there would be no point in detailing something that on one will see. As the reefer trailer is going to be docked right up to it, it will block out whatever view there is.








The truck restraint mechanism was also built from small part as well as scratch built parts:




I added parallel guides for the truck on both sides of the bay door. They are made from thick and harden electrical wiring material. I picked this out of a container 
which had been discarded. I thought, it would come in handy one day.



This pic shows the almost finished facade of the adjacent building. that will be place on the long side of the diorama.


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That looks fantastic.  Very well detailed.  Can't say as I've ever seen a truck restraint mechanism at a loading dock.  Is that a European thing?

thanks. well. I have certainly seen pics of these retraints, or whatever the actual technical name used;  from the U.S. on the net. But they do have them in Europe as well. I will post a pic of one later on so you can see how one looks.

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Managed to find some photos of earlier progress of the build. You can see what I used as the facade and pic frame for the base as well as how I intended to lay it all out:





The forklift is a plastic toy model I bought at a local super market. I was lucky, because the scale was 1/24. So I already started to take it apart and removing the internal mechanism to do some minor 

detailing and a repaint:





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That looks fantastic.  Very well detailed.  Can't say as I've ever seen a truck restraint mechanism at a loading dock.  Is that a European thing?

Here you go Jim. This is what one looks like. The mechanism in the rear holding the lower bar of the truck. I think the correct name is Choker or choke hold. Can someone please verify this for me please?:

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The formboard before and after. I am removing the first layer as this has the material I am using is sandwiched between two cardboard paper. Removing the layer is very easy. I just take a sharp hobby knife and carefully peel off the paper.

This is what it looks like after I remove the paper backing:


The steel beams. I painted them blue.


The back of the second wall backing was done using the same method as the front.  I used only half of the wall. I did not want to use the entire length. So I did it this way. 



This is how the wall looks now, when it is setup. I think it is starting to look like something.


These will be the corner protective pillars that will be used at the entrance of the second entrance of the industry building:


I decided to make air vents out of these. Yes. I tend to use whatever I have on hand, as to not spent too much money.


I am going to use these to kit-bash/scratch built some Air conditioners. We shall see how that goes.


These, I will use to scratch built some flood lights:

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