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1962 Studebaker Hawk


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There it is, Missing Link resin kit with AMT Starliner platform and a semi scratchbuilt supercharged R4. I wish I knew what happened to the paint. All that mottling is hardly visible to the naked eye. The camera must have better eyesight than me.







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Looks great Pat! Digicams can do strange things with metallic paint. I've always liked the looks of these cars, and it's amazing with the new roofline change for '62 how it changes the character of the Hawk. Yet it was the same basic car going back to '53. ;)

The garage dio pic is a good one..............looks right at home parked there!

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Very nice! I absolutely love these cars, but I have no idea why. :)

They are very nice driving cars, with a few quirks like all cars but nice. I saw one under a hotel canopy in 1976 or so and I had to have one. It took until 1995 but I got it. I think they look very classy.

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Yeah, that's a nice touch, using the garage exterior mixed with the interior diorama shots. It gives it more realism, by far.

I wouldn't worry about the paint. It's hardly noticeable.

 Often, cameras show up things, that the naked eye can't see. I sometimes gasp when I see a macro-photo of my work, but everyone else says it looks fine to the eye.

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