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I want to wish everyone on this forum a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Elvin 

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Here here, I ditto that.

Merry Christmas.  Got some amazing bubbly chillin and havin a tasty SweetP House Margy;


3 oz of good tequila, I prefer a good quality anejo.
1 oz of simple syrup you make your self (sugar water).
1.5 oz of Gran Gala, better and cheaper then Cointreau.
1 oz of Trader Joes organice cherry juice
small amount of jalapeno with seeds (or w/o seeds).
1 entire lime, cut in 1/2 half
This salt;


Fill a shaker mostly with ice.
Put in;
Simple syrup
Gran Gala
Cherry juice
Squeezed lime juice from both halves

Shake that baby like you're in a music video.


Rub the squeezed lime half on the rim of your drinking glass so the salt can stick to it
Place salt in a bowl and rub the rim of the glass in it
Pour in the goodness.


** I’ve been substituting seltzer water OR ginger beer in place of cherry juice.  Just some ideas.
** I’ve also been making sugar free simple syrup by substituting Splenda

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