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'57-'60 Ford T 950 Super Duty

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Plans are to build a 3 axle gas job tractor, similar to photo, not sure what grill to use yet, '57,'58 or '59. Luckily,  Frontier resins offers this style but front end needed a little reworking. Had to add plastic stock strip to front end, square out the fenders and add bottom cab corners. Specs for truck in photo:   534 V8 gas  Spicer 6352 5 spd trans. Spicer 8341 4 spd aux. trans. Timken FE900 11K  front axle, Eaton 38D 38K tandem 175 WB , Full Air, 10.00x20 Tires and Budd 10 Stud DIsc.









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Thanks for the positive comments! These high end series Fords share many common features with diesel trucks, except they are gas powered. So I just pirated an older amt Peterbilt frame for the backbone, but a non air bag set up would be more accurate. Did a little sanding to the cab and added some evergreen strip around the fender lip. Found the main trans an auxiliary trans in resin.



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Update to the slow build. Most of the frame completed. The  2nd generation 359 frame used for mock up was replaced with a  donor Louisville Dump frame, with Hendrickson suspension. 534, Spicer main and aux trans, Timken 11K front axle, 38K DP rear axles, full air and 10x20 tires and Budd wheels are in place.  Dodge L 700 gas tanks used. May have to fab  an air cleaner or something. Now for  more body work and paint.







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On ‎2‎/‎19‎/‎2018 at 3:24 PM, landman said:

Very nice Tommy. in the early pictures the hood appears to be a different color and texture. was it part of the Frontier item?

Yes, same hood that came with kit, only difference is the primer. Will fabricate  side hood emblem spears and front emblem with bare metal foil

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Nice work! I love this model too!

I guess hood lid needs some more work to minimise the gaps. Have you bended it in hot water for leveling (I saw some Frontier resin)?

Though upper panel lines looks not parallel anyway.

May be the better way is to sand them off and make your own one?

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The real reason its taking so long, the body literally needs a lot of work. I would  say its not a crisp casting, it was rather rough and lacks some detail. The front fenders had to be re shaped and the hood  was a bad fit. However, it is getting closer. The hoods lower front lip was flat, had to be beveled upward and side hood body line had to be cleaned up. These are small details that most people may not notice, unless they compare to a photograph of the real thing.  Next is working on the grill.


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