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TAT. Dodge LS 1000 SD Finished

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It's been a couple weeks since my last up date here I've been figuring out how to set up and run the exhaust system and air in let and filter. This is what I've come up with after going through by parts boxes. I'm going with the muffler on the frame and a straight pipe going up. Also worked on the trailer sides filling in the wheel area. 

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Little more work done tonight made a air deflector and cab mounted A/C from the parts boxes. Also cleaned up the front windshield and cut the glass for it. Also added the BMF on the Dodge letters. 
Looking to maybe get some paint sprayed on it this week end. 

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my parts for the exhaust and air system are:

air stack and exhaust brace - Chevy Astro

Air cleaner modified AITM supplied with cab  

Muffler from DM600 Mack

tub 90* ell's from Mo'luminum Model Trucks

stack is metal tubbing 

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thank,s dan , i have make already the chassis from a gmc donor kit

have looks for the interior picture,s and that looks al good in my eyes

i have the cab painted but i remove it because i didnt like the color of the paint , its was paint very good and nice but when it was done , i dont like that color , so now i want do another color

perhap,s lightbleu ore ?? darkblue , i lookin stil for the picture,s arround the webb

keep up the nice work , i follow this one


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