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TAT. Dodge LS 1000 SD Finished

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very nice dodge , turn out great

now i can see how i can do some thing,s on mine dodge

follow this one amd it wil lookin good with a van behind it

and an have you learn some words ,[ tot ziens , dutch ] see you



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This is a build that I've been planning for many years after I found pictures of this rig. The story behind the rig is that Chrysler sponsored the Spurrlow singing group in the late 60's. They went around the country preforming at schools. I'm starting with an resin Dodge LS 1000 cab from AITM, AMT White-Frightliner SD and Bill Elliott stock car transporter. The trailer still has some hurdles for me I would like to change out the the wheels to the smaller size and I'm not sure how I'm going to paint or decal the trailer to match. I'm open for any ideas anyone may have. 

So far I've started on the frame. 



Reference pictures of what I'm building





Hey Dan, I mastered those exact same wheels on that trailer and Jamie Rahmoeller casts them. You can contact him thru his website www.moluminum.com







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Ben thanks and I have already received them from Jamie. They are perfect ? great work. I've checked back on the site and they are not listed any more? He needs to check it out as I know there are some guys looking for some. 

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I made it back home after 2 weeks away from building and had to get some time building before I go to the Modelmeana show today. So checking out the trailer today I decided that the wheel block out needed to be made smaller so I've cut them down. 

Mock up with the smaller block out. 

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