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Offbeat Places You Have Purchased Model Kits?

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When I was a kid, the Albertsons grocery store had 1/24 "Midnight" Capri, Johan snap Javelin in green and the Johan snap Cadillac Eldorado in blue. I asked and got them for my birthday. 

Revell 60 Corvette at Radio Shack.

Monogram Chevy Luv camper found at Alpha Beta.

And a Revell Good Year blimp kit at, of course, Good Year Tire store.

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1 hour ago, BlackSheep214 said:

Not unusual but you can find some model kits in antique stores and flea markets.

This! I have found some great kits for reasonable prices in those antique mall type places where people rent space and put their wares up. My latest deal was an off topic Monogram B-36 for $20. I picked up a couple of Hubley Model A Fords at the same "mall" for $5ea on my next trip in there.

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Got married in 1975, went to Cape Cod in Massachusetts for our honeymoon. Went out to Martha's Vineyard on the ferry and when we drove off the ferry, we stopped at a variety store for a snack. Found about 25 1968 and 1969 AMT and MPC annual kits on the shelf. Bought them all and stuffed them into my 69 Mustang fastback and spent the rest of the two weeks riding around like a toy store on wheels!

Another time shortly thereafter in 1976, I stopped at a Chevy dealer in Pittsfield, MA after work, to ask if they had any promos available. The salesman brought me into the cellar where there was a stash of promos from 1968 to 1970. I asked him what they wanted for all of them. He asked if $2 each was too much. Good thing it was pay day, as I dropped $110 right on the spot. Wish I had some of either batch of the kits or promos still!

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Last month I saw a couple of Revell Snap Tite kits at a local Bi-Mart. Not too unusual, but surprising to say the least. Our local Michaels stopped selling model kits altogether a few months ago. Kind of a bummer but I was able to get a Revell ‘83 Hurst Olds for 14 bucks when they put the rest of their kit inventory on clearance.

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On 11/29/2021 at 9:11 PM, Casey said:

Anybody near Lancaster County, PA been to a Good's Store and found model kits there?: https://goodsstores.com/pages/locations



Yes! I go to the Goods Store in Quarryville PA about every other month. Its a throwback to an older era of true department stores. I like to get my shoes there because they always have my size in stock. The prices are a little high, but I'll gladly pay it for the nice, family friendly atmosphere. The model selection isn't aways the best, but they usually have a nice selection of the newest semi truck kits which I've seem to be collecting over the past several years for some reason. Guess I'm a sucker for nice box art, and I always wanted them when I was a kid and couldn't afford them, lol. Be forwarned, like Hobby Lobby, they're closed on Sundays. If your in the area, try them out.


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I remember 7-11 selling MPC kits in the 80's. Albertsons grocery stores had a pretty good selection of kits up until 2004 when I moved from Florida. They even had those 1/43 Monogram "Exotics" '67 Corvette and 289 Cobra with the photo etch parts.

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