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Kit decals

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Hi guys ,

I just finished a build up of the Tony Nancy "22 JR" cars , one is the Plymouth Super Sport slingshot , and the other is an altered roadster rail . Although this is a rereleased kit , I think they had some of the old decals kicking around , and stuck them in with the kit . (In my mind I had visions of Cartograph decals in the rerelease , along the lines of the Stone Woods and Cook Willy's decals .) Any way these decals SUCK and must be replaced . I checked Slixx to no avail , also Gooche but I'm not sure if I saw all he has available .

Do you guys no of any companies online that specialize in replacing decals on rereleased kits . I know there are decals for different versions of certain cars , but I just want to model those two cars .

I originally bought two kits , so I've tried everything in my power to make these decals work but NADA . I've come to the conclusion they are just no good . Any and all suggestion would be greatly appreciated .

( Speaking of Cartograph , the decals in the Willy's kit are fantastic , I just finished a build up of the Black and the earlier Blue car with the "Olds" motor. Fantastic !) And thank all you guys for the reference material !!!

Eventually I'll figure out my digital camera so I can share some pics online with you guys . Until then I have a ton of kits to enter in the upcoming Classic Plastic Showin Lawrence Mass on OCT 8th so maybe a few pics from that swow will end up on line .

Well thats about it from this end , Take care and see you around the clubhouse Steve D.

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Steve, I am unsure if you still have complete decal sheet. I would guess no since you tried making them work.

Anyway, I have had great luck with Canada Keith Marks' decals.

I sent a complete decal sheet to him and asked for the same thing back only in a different color. Two week turnaround and perfect decals.

His decals are very thin and apply very easily. You do have to be more careful with them, but you know they will work. He does charge a nominal fee of course.

You can catch him on ebay as kmarks999 or check him out at his Fotki site:


Good Luck!


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