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29 Ford Roadster Pickup "Gow Job"


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Hey guys, This is my current build. It's a 29 Ford roadster pickup "Gow Job". A stripped down, hopped up, pre war hot rod before they were called hot rods. Something a kid in the mid thirties would take to the dry lakes. This is a quick little build I am doing for a YouTube community build project for Ford Truck Month. The body and bed are AMT. The rest is from the Revell 31 Woody. I scratch built the firewall, inner doors and a few engine details. A fun little build.






muroc front view.jpg

dry lakes mock up.jpg

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That wood in the bed looks very realistic.  How did you do that?

Thanks, I used wood coffee stir sticks glued to a thin sheet of styrene then painted with a wash of black craft acrylic. I also used black pastel powders in the darker areas.

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Great finished model with accurate details and appropriate weathering.I hope this style is becoming a trend that we will see a lot more of in the future.

Thanks Tom. I think generally speaking, this type of build is on the rise in the 1:1 world, so we will see more scale versions as they are covered in magazines and  such. 

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