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1935 Mercedes- Benz 500K By: "Johan"


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I didn't realize how old this kit was. From what i understand it was made in the early 70's. That explains why the plastic was so brittle. Excellent kit for it's age. Engine wired and plumbed, scratch built air filter, refinished in DuPont lacquers, DuPont urethane clear coat.





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Very nice!

I think that more modellers are beginning to build these beautiful old pre-war classics.

I have the Jo-Hans '34 Mercedes 500K but with the roadster body to build and my plan is to do it in the same red scheme as yours.

When I bought the kit it came with two bodies & fenders and I'd like to do the second one up as a modern interpretation of a classic but will have to scratchbuild the second chassis. Someday !

Rob W

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Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE IT!

I remember trying (and failing miserably) to build that one several times as a kid. Now I've got two in my stash as well as two of the 34 roadsters. . .Just tryin' to get up the courage to work on them again after all these years.

Indeed, the original issue of the 35 was molded in a rich maroon; I also have a later issue that was molded in light green (definitely not a flattering color for this beautiful car). The roadsters were molded in cream. I think I'll stick with maroon for the 35 roadster/limo, but still don't know what to do with the 34.

Again, wonderful job on a truly beautiful classic automobile!

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7 hours ago, sjordan2 said:

Great job on a rare and controversial subject, which JoHan tooled using access to the original car once owned by Carracciola. Now rotting away in an LA exotic salvage yard.   https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a15121386/wheels-of-fortune-the-10m-mercedes-500k-that-vanished-feature/

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 1.09.45 PM.png

Thanks for posting that link. Very interesting read. 

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