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1/24 New Ray 579 (Update 02-08-2017) Got 'em back together

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You should see what Tim A. has done with his New Ray 579 models.  Incredible!

I did....I checked him out before I started this one.....The guy is just amazing.....He's got 4 different versions working....Need to check back to see his progress.....

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JT, this is all your fault! lol..........




Dude.....Thanks for the cool feedback, Boys....And you can blame Cary for all this mess....:D He's the one that got ME started....."Thanks Cary".....

I'm getting mine from..... http://www.3000toys.com   They have this one with the excavator and the one with the crane that I'm doing, now.....

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Got it all back together, and I must say, I think it turned out pretty good.....Just a couple things to touch up, and I'll be able to post it under glass.....I have more shots of this thing, but Photobucket, as usual, is acting STUPID !!!! :angry::angry:





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