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Survivor Resto--Original First-Issue Monkeemobile New Pics 4/8


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Bill's (GTX6970) recent Monkeemobile build inspired me to dig out the one I built as a kid. I think I got it for Christmas 1966, but I might be wrong about that. Anyway, I painted the naked body with a couple coats of Pactra Candy Pagan Gold in an attempt to brighten and shine up the red plastic somewhat, and hand-brushed several coats of Testor little bottle white on the seats, upholstery, and top, and some brushed Testor Brown on the carpet and dash. The top also got a couple coats of hand-brushed Testor Dullcote.

Here's what's left of the thing. The wheels and tires are missing, as is the rear axle, and the shift lever. Everything else is still here, though the windshield frame has been bent down a bit from years in storage. All things considered, though, should be salvageable.









The wheels/tires and differential may eventually turn up in the Snakepit (probably after I've moved on to some other project). In the meantime, I “borrowed” the complete chassis out of a mint reissue, glued the differential together, and painted the whole mess with a quick coat of Walmart Flat Black primer. Couple hours trimming molding tabs and flash off the reissue's Cragars, and a trip to the Snakepit parts box for some big-and-bigger Goodyears, and presto, the sad little model is back up “on its feet” for the first time in at least 30 years—maybe 40, I don't remember.






Next step will be a cleanup/touchup of the interior, polishing the glass, and then a cleanup, retrim, and general reassembly of the body. There might be a coat or two of hand-brushed Future involved. The trick with one of these “survivor restos” is knowing how to NOT go too far and turn it into a complete rebuild. There seems to be little point in a complete rebuild when the reissues are common and cheap.

More to come, I hope....

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Some progress.

I disassembled the interior, masked off the brown carpet, and shot the upholstery (right over the original hand-brushed Testor White) with two barely wet coats of Walmart Flat White Primer, followed by a wet coat of Krylon Clear Matte. After removing the masking, I touched up the edges with Model Master Leather, the closest brown I have on hand.


I decided to keep the original hand-brushed top as a relic, and assembled and painted the reissue's top with the Walmart Flat White primer.


I didn't strip the orignal brushed Testor white off the seats. I did file the molding seams off the edges and corners, then they too got two slightly-wet coats of Walmart White Primer. Then I did the chrome trim with Silver Sharpie. Notice that though these seats are molded in red, quite a bit of which was showing on the corners after I filed off the mold lines, there is no “bleed-through” or “color leeching” of the red visible through the great Walmart Flat White.


The body has now been cleaned and is ready for further improvement. I made some chassis adjustment for fit and sit. Setting the whole mess together just for a preview of coming attractions, here's where I am at the moment.




More to come, soon, I hope....

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Dreading trying to install the windshield was my last obstacle to overcome with this project. The windshield frame resisted my best attempts to bend it back into shape under HOT running water. Several attempt sessions seemed to have little to no effect. So I taped the windshield firmly into place, superglued and clamped one side, let that dry, then superglued and clamped the other side. Seems to be holding so far—fingers crossed.


The first issue of the kit included the correct Dean Jeffries Customs badge on the front fenders behind the fake exhausts; I don’t think it was on any of the reissues. Before hitting the emblem with Silver Sharpie and then Futuring the whole body, I took several foil impressions of it. I might get hit with the urge to build a “good” model of the car someday, and I’ll need these to do it right.


Finished—Off to Under Glass. See you there soon!


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9 hours ago, Snake45 said:

I think it's most like your second pic. 

I was thinking of making the b&w one as decals and use them on the side. I might also make one up for the blower since there was one located on there. Sorry, I am building the kit at the moment, and studying everything I can on car 1&2 original photos. I even noticed the pinstriping on the fenders and the loops on the front and back fenders. I just don't know how to make that one up in decal form.




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V-E-E-E-R-R-Y Interesting!

I have a reissue in my stash that I want to do as a Dean Jefferies build

Your resto do over will be very helpful in completing it

You have a few unknown details that were unknown to me

Thank You for sharing this valuable info with Us



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