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California Hauler 359 Peterbilt Stretch Help

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Hi all. I'm starting a semi buijld of a California Hauler 359 Peterbilt. I was wondering if anyone has done if of these before and customized it. What I'm trying to accomplish is to stretch the frame and maybe some other mods. I was wondering what to use for the stretch to glue in and what to use for the drive shaft. Also the plate on the top to cover the stretched part. If anyone has done one of these before or has a video or pics I would greatly appreciate the advise and help on how and what to use for this project. 

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Hi Jesse,

I will give you my 2 cents worth on this topic and hopefully it will help.   Yes I have built several of these California haulers before... I have also built several of the  revell  Peterbilt 359 snap tites and they are easy to build with good detail. What I like to use for the stretch is use  pieces of original frame rails from the same kit. easy for me since I have plenty of those. I usually try to make the cut where there are no cross members involved and usually under the sleeper if you plan on using one. I have used some round sprue stock for the driveline  or you could use some round plastic tubing from local hobby shop in that size. What i would do is cut the u-joint ends off original driveline and put them on new driveline. Also as for covering the new lengthened area  I usually use some diamond plate from Don Mills or just use some plastic sheeting and cut to to size. Length and width. If I use diamond plate I will baremetal foil it and If I use regular flat plastic stock I sometimes paint it same color as  as the frame or what ever your choosing might be...Hope this helps...I am sure others have their own way of doing this, ... Some when they cut the  frame rails cut them at an angle on both ends,,,,I usually just cut them straight and together at the same time...Make sure you re-inforce the inside  and over lap the seems for added strenght...Good Luck...Here is a picture of my  "  Project 350 "

Project 350 Done 005.JPG

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Thanks trick my mixer. That helped me out a lot and gave me some idea of how to do it. I don't have extra of the models. I just didn't want to mess it up and then the model is junk. Well I'm going to give it a go and see how it comes out. I've been watching YouTube videos but they just show the finished model. I've been trying to also see how they do the bumpers and fenders. Anyone else have any ideas or help out or have pics of a recent one there doing with a stretch that shows how they did it. I'll post pics as I start. 

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