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1955 Chevy Cameo Prostreet

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About 2 years ago I was made aware that one of my model customer (work at a hobby store) had become sick and was not able to make it back home. His wish was I would take all his kits and find home for the ones I would not use. After a few months of sorting and putting all the parts back in the right boxes (he started about 30 kits started and miss-matched parts) I started to work on a few, when I popped the the top on this box and saw what he had started (chassis with the tubbed rear end from the First release of the Revell 67 Chevelle pro street) I was pretty excited. So after sitting and thinking for a bit I mounted to diff and had to re-do the rear end housing to make it wider to fill the wheel wells properly. After that I changed the rims to ones on it now (couldn't stand the centerline chevy emblem ones) I hot another road block some of the chrome was missing. 


For those who don'y know what i was starting with here is what the kit box art is 





this was after the first night of playing and mounting the new rims. 


Made a tail gate filler panel 


so after thinking of what i was going to do to fill the missing chrome void i did this for the front bumper and added some screen for a grilles 




so for the box i tried to fill it best i can, keep in mind the tubs are on the chassis (black part) and the rest is part of the box 


So for the rear I carried on the lines from the bumper and tail lights, should look not bad. Not a lot of filler was required due to me cutting out the mold lines and filling it with styrene and then sanding it all to shape. 





For a motor I wanted something big and had killer look to it, but not too unbelievable for scale effect. I purchased a Ross Gibson Alley rat 502 tpi motor a few years ago and tossed it in the goody box so I couldn't thing of a better home for it. 





More to come after I get some more bench time in. 



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Looks great so far. I like how you redid the rear bumper, it looks much cleaner.

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