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41 Chevy Hotrod

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So this is the build I just completed for a same kit build off on a Facebook group. It started off as a Revell 41 Chevy pickup, but after looking at the cab I quickly came to the conclusion that the fenders had to go, it had to sit low and the roof was just a bit too high. After giving it some thought, I decided to imitate the 1:1 truck driven by my former boss, the guy who taught me just about everything I know about hotrods while being a young punk hanging out in his donut shop. Coincidentally, his kid is who got me into building models lol. Even though his is a 35 Dodge, I figured I could still pull off a cool build that would look very similar when complete. 

The problem was, I've never tried doing the extensive modifications that would have to be done to pull it off. That's were the build off helped. Maybe it's my competitive side showing, or maybe the need to prove to myself I can do something, but either way, these situations always give me the motivation I need to get over the thought of messing up a $25 kit and just get into it. The biggest challenges were mating 32 Ford front rails with the 41 Chevy frame, chopping the top, channeling the interior, and shortening the box. After a lot of measuring, cutting, filing and sanding, I was very happy with the results during my mockups. 

Well, about a month later, here it is, and here's the details:

41 Chevy cab, chopped 3 scale inches

32 Ford front rails mated to 41 Chevy frame, z'd front and back

Mopar 440 with scratch built dummy Hilborn, performance valve covers, scratch built "injection" stacks, and resin headers

Mustang II front suspension

32 Ford grill shell and headlights, MCG spider web grill

Wheels and tires from the Revell 32 5 Window

Tuck and roll interior made from acrylic paint

Scratch built gas pump nozzle shift lever

Pull chain interior light

Scratch tonneau cover

Scratch fire extinguisher puke bottle

Tamiya gloss black, decals from various kits and vendors, trimmed and layered to mimic the 1:1, topped with Testor's dullcote

Well, that's about it. Thanks for looking!

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Well done, put the two side by side and just try to tell them apart...........Awesome

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    That is a cool looking rat rod. Nice job on it .




     Be Well


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