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1927 Fiat 806 Grand Prix Racer

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Staying true to the NNL West theme of "7"...being any car built in a year ending with a 7. I found a 1/12 scale Italeri Fiat 806 Grand Prix online. This model represents the car Pietro Bordino won the 1927 Milan Grand Prix at Monza. I first thought it to be a re-pop of the Protar kit, but there are numerous differences. It was enjoyable building and only made a few changes to the kit, most notable were the plug wires. The kit includes plug wires, but they are huge rubber cords with big unrealistic caps. I replaced the spark plugs, resin cast the distributor caps (using the rubber ones to cast a mold) and rewired with brown fabric plug wire. Similar to a Protar kit, the kit is held together with numerous screws! These little buggers are of the "slot" variety and not magnetic, so getting them started was not much fun.


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This is very beautifully done, very nice.

 I am wondering how you chose the color?


I've been playing with the new Humbrol Spray paints.

Their gloss paints after drying have a semi-gloss sheen to them.

They can be clear coated and/or polished to gloss them up.

I don't believe paint in 1927 was glossy anyway, so I wanted a nice semi-gloss finish on the Fiat.

I liked the look of the red after testing on a plastic spoon and thought it would do the job..


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