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Slot Car Drag Racing in NH

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We've recently started doing some slot car drag racing over here in New Hampshire.
Thanks to the effort of a guy we call Itchie, who had made the scale 1/8 mile strip for us to run on, we have had some great evenings of drag racing.
This post is of our most recent meet on Feb 11th. (it's copied and pasted here from another forum where I wrote this).

We started the evening off with the 1/32 Street Eliminator class. With a breakout set at 1.35, anything faster wouldn't count in qualifying, or would be a DQ in eliminations.
Fresh from it's last place finish on it's trip to Ohio, the Dungeon prepped 55 Chevy nailed a perfect 1.350 run to claim TQ.
The 55 Chevy was able to work it's way thru eliminations and into the final. On the other side of the ladder, the #3 qualifier, another Dungeon prepped car, this one a Camaro driven by Phil, worked it's way thru and made it an all Chevy final (it was painful to type that smiley: laugh).

With standing room only, the crowd was quickly disappointed because the race was over before it started. Phil had red lighted giving the win the the 55!

Next up was the Hot Rod Eliminators. These are also 1/32 cars, but with many mods being done and being quite a bit quicker. With a 1.10 breakout, these are fast becoming a crowd pleaser.
As with the Street class, a Dungeon prepped 29 Ford named Black Beauty came out with the TQ honors. It was also able to work it's into the final. Coming from the other side, Jungle was able to work his SPE prepped Gasser from the 6th qualifying spot into the final.

With again standing room only, the crowd this time got to see a close race, and went into a frenzy when they saw the win light come on in Jungle's lane. Congrats Jungle!! smiley: happy

With the little cars done, it was time for the bigger cars. Up first were the Stock Eliminators with a 1.35 breakout. And we saw lots of that in this class smiley: eek.
And once again (get used to reading this folks!), a Dungeon prepped car came away with TQ honors. This time it was the "Nails" machine being driven by Robin (I love that gal!!smiley: happy)
But what's this?!?! In the 1st round, Robin got sent to the trailer by #16 qualifier Bob, who was running a car given to him by the famous Harry Wise of HRW fame!! Pretty sure Harry would be proud. I know Bob was!!
Bob would make it all the way to the final. On the other side, #3 qualifier, racing with us for the 1st time came Matt with his Wilder prepared "Judge" GTO.

Matt proved to be too much for Bob, and drove away for the win. Congrats Matt!! smiley: happy

The crowd was now getting a bit antsy, as the always entertaining Comp Eliminators came out to blast down the SPE Drag Strip. With a 1.20 breakout, the action was getting along a bit quicker.
And for the 1st time all night, the crowd was relieved to hear a Dungeon prepped car was not TQ, as a Kip prepped 209 Altered came away with that honor. Kip would take the 209 Special all the way to the final, where he would be paired up with (ready?) a Dungeon prepped Ohio George Mustang being driven by Robin. Robin had qualified as #2, and worked her way thru against some heavy hitters. Some of you may recall that the Ohio George Mustang was the winner the first time we ran at the Sassy shop. Would it be able to repeat?

With lane choice going to Kip, who had run a perfect 1.200 in the semi, Robin was ready. She beat Kip off the line, and held on to grab the win. Congrats Robin! smiley: happy

Now the crowd was excited, because the big, bad and fast boys (and girls) came out to play. With a breakout of .89, we still have a couple of breakouts. These babies were flying!!
And we also had a record # of entries for any class run at SPE, with 30 entries!!! As we always do at SPE, we have a elimination run off for 16th spot, which meant 15 cars would be competing for the right to go up against the TQ. Um...yeah. TQ? A Dungeon prepped car of course. This time a "work in progress" car called the Wild Deuce.
I don't recall who ran the #66 car, but after qualifying 16th, he had to work his way thru 4 rounds to officially claim that spot.
The Wild Deuce was only able to get to the 2nd round before being sent to the trailer. The Kip Prepared Hammer Slammer car came from the #4 spot and earned it's way to the final. On the other side, Dana, drag racing for the 1st time, was able to take her new Trailer Hood prepped McDonald's ride from the 11th spot all the way to the final (I should note that she took down the Black 57 along the way smiley: happy).

Kip, now wanting to avenge his loss to a woman in the previous class, again had lane choice. Turns out it didn't help, as when the race was over, the win was glowing in Dana's lane. Congrats Dana!! smiley: happy

I should mention we had over 80 entries on this night (we're allowed to enter multiple cars in any class).

Not sure at the moment when we'll be racing next, but I'll update as soon as I know.


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Mike Bradford took some great pics of our last drag race at Sassy.

As you can tell, we are using model kits for most of these cars. We are using both manufactured and scratch built chassis under them.














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A good turnout on this unusually warm day (60+ degrees on February  25th smiley: eek) with 7 racers entering 84 cars in total.

Starting things off with the 1/32 Street class, I came home without the qualifying paperwork so have no ET's. We had 16 entries and the top qualifiers were cars that were running for the 1st time. A Dungeon prepped Carrera Mustang took TQ honors, and right on it's heels was a AWilder prepped Monogram Mustang and a SPE prepped Carrera Superbird driven by Phil.The Dungeon prepped Mustang was able work it's way to the final. On the other side of the ladder, #10 qualifier, a SPE prepped Corvette driven by Kip pulled some upset wins including knocking out the #2 qualifier Andy. He earned the right to battle for the win.

In a classic Ford/Chevy race, both cars red lighted with the Corvette leaving 1st thus handing the win to the Mustang. A side note was Andy had run the quickest ET of the class with his Mustang with a .919 run

The 1/32 Hot Rod class with 17 entries was up next. Kip was able to grab TQ honors with the Dungeon prepped Black Beauty entry with a .837 run. Right behind was the AWilder prepped Camaro with a .849 and Kip again, this time with a SPE prepped Dragster running a .855. Kip was able to take the Black Beauty rig all the way to the final. On the other side, # 7 qualifier Andy driving a SPE prepped 57 Chevy, came up thru and earned the right to try for the win. Along the way, he had taken out his #2 qualifier smiley: frown.

A little history-last time, Kip made it to the finals twice, and lost both times. Also, Black Beauty made it to the finals, and lost. So odds weren't looking too good for him. But, he put the odds aside, and blasted a .848 run for the win. Congrats Kip! smiley: happy

Out came the bigger cars, starting with the Stock class with 11 entries. The Dungeon prepped cars were on a roll this night, this time with the Nails machine grabbing TQ spot with a .999 run. Right behind was a SPE (I think) prepped Ford driven by I don't recall with a 1.017 and a AWilder prepped Camaro with a 1.023.  The Nails machine was able to work it's way to the final. One of the semi races saw the Nails machine go against the SPE prepped King Purp Camaro. You want to talk about a close race...

On the other side, #5 qualifier Jungle running a SPE prepped Jalopy, came up thru. So we had an all Jalopy final...

The Nails machine (pink and white in the pic) drove away for the win with a convincing .996 run. Afterwards there was some talk in the pits about outlawing "pie crust" tires, but it was quickly snuffed.

Things were starting to get heated up when the Comp class came out. TQ went to a AWilder prepped Hudy Camaro running a .834, with a Mountain Man prepped entry called Mtn Runner (.862) and another AWilder prepped 8 Ball Cobra (.863) not far behind. Andy was able to take his Hudy entry to the final. On the other side, the #4 qualifier Dungeon prepped Go Ape Gasser came up thru to face the Hudy entry.

In a tight race, the Go Ape entry was able to wheelie it's way to the win with a .864 pass.

The crowd was now plenty amped up to watch the Top Eliminator class. As well they should be. With a near record 28 entries (record is 30), there was sure to be a lot of exciting racing. And quick too. TQ went to Andy running a SPE prepped Trudell Ford Mustang entry with a .680 pass (told you this class was quick). The next 2 were very close with the Dungeon prepped Wild One (formerly known as Wild Deuce) and a Mountain Man owned SPE prepped Chevy both running a .686. With 28 cars entered we ran a run off race for the 16th spot, and #20 qualifier Phil was able to take Dana's Trailer Hood prepped Mickey D's car thru the ladder and earn the right to run against the Trudell Ford. Though Andy was able to dispose of Phil in the 1st round, he fell victim to #9 qualifier 41 SPE Special in the 2nd round. The semi saw a new WIP (work in progress) Dungeon prepped Country Girl FC (#5 qualifier) take out the 41 SPE Special and into the final. On the bottom side of the ladder, the Wild One (still a WIP) was able to advance all the way to the final, making it an all Dungeon prepped finale.

The Wild One had made the final at the last meet. Could it come thru this time for the win? The Country Girl was having no part of that, left the line 1st and held on for the win with a .726 pass.

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