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1973 Road Commander Aerodyne

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Thanks for all the comments guys!! This cab has really been a challenge, not to mention that a week after the cab's painted that body work starts showing up. Oh well. On to more progress.

I put an engine together that I've been wanting to build. Back in the 70's my dad and the guys that he worked with had taken a 7400 and put a Road Commander glider on it. About the same time, they put a turbo on a 318 Detroit. I thought that it was the same project, but my dad told me that the turbo went on an Astro. He said that they mounted the turbo to the bell housing. That is just what I did here. I've seen several 8v-71T's that had rear mounted turbos, but not mounted to the bell housing. There is a bracket from the turbo flange down to the turbo that supports it. I debated about what type of connection to put on top of the blower. Factory set-ups look similar to the !2v-71TT in the Tyrone Malone truck. I wanted sort of the back yard project look, so I used the 318 intake connected to the turbo. Long story short, here is what I have so far. Thanks to Terry, "Superpeterbilt" for the engine.

IMG_2215 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

IMG_2216 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

IMG_2217 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

IMG_2218 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

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Excellent work Brian. I like diy mods like that.My dad had some pretty unique trucks pass through his hands over the years, and this reminds me of that. I went through all of the trouble to bulid a twin turbo Cummins once, just to realize that they came in some of the Revell kits! Anywho, keep up the good work.

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Thanks for all of the comments guys!!!

I got some decals from modeltruckin.com that worked very nicely, and added a few others as well. Started on the chassis. I'm using the 352 frame with air ride. The twist is that the rear axle is going to be a tag. It's not perfect, but here is what I have so far:

IMG_2345 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

IMG_2346 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


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