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Old blade disposal?

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I probably have dozens of them around that may get ground into other shapes for scribing lines, or odd cutting angles, narrow chisels, etc.

Probably the best way to dispose of them is to put them in a steel can (old bean can, etc....just make sire it's steel) and when it's about 1/4 full, crush it and take it to the recycler.

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I've been using an old soda can for years now.  When it comes time to dispose of that, I'll do exactly what I do at work (Purdue University), by simply putting it in a small box, taped securely shut--and visibly marked "SHARPS" on all surfaces.  That is the universal way to dispose of such blades, even broken glass, folks!  Just do this, then put in your recylables for pickup!


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I wrap in tape and put in the garbage. They may be dull but they can still tear a plastic garbage bag. You know not when you want it to, only when you do not. 

I do like the soup can idea you can just smash the can with a hammer so they do not come out the end. I do that with screws and nails for the recycle bin. 

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