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1970 Pontiac Trans Am


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I finished up my second build of the year over this past weekend.  It went together pretty well.  The rear spoiler was the most troublesome, had to do a fair bit of sanding and reshaping to get it to fit decently.  The grille/headlight unit didn't fit the nose piece very well either.  What I ended up doing was cutting it down the middle between the grilles and splitting it into two pieces, which then allowed them to fully seat into the nose the way they should.  One other thing, I also had to shave down the top of the carburetor to get the scoop lowered so the hood would sit flat.  Everything else in the kit just fell together with ease.  I used the decals from the 1991 issue which have the Trans Am scripts (and the blue stripes look a lot closer color-wise to the real thing, the ones in this newer issue just seem way too dark to me).  I do have to say though that while taking these pics I couldn't get a photo with a real accurate representation of the blue stripes, they kept getting blown out a bit, but oh well.  Paint is Duplicolor Arctic White, and the interior was treated to Model Master Nassau Blue.  The carpet was sprayed with a darker Tamiya blue, but for the life of me I can't remember which one Lol.














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Very, VERY clean build, nicely done! Reminds me a lot of the one I built when this kit first came out. I remember it as one of the easiest, fastest, most troublefree model car builds I've ever done. Well done and model on! B)

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Thanks a lot guys, glad you like it.  It was a pretty enjoyable kit to build.

Well done,  oh so clean,  One question, did you paint the letters on the tires? If so what did you use they are perfect.

Those are decals from Fireball Modelworks, I had forgotten to mention that.  Man, I do wish I could paint small details that well though!

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