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66 GMC grill and tailgate

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So the old Modelhaus GMC grills do not fit the new Revell 1966 1/25th scale C10 Kit?

there is one early one i think  it is the 62 that barly fit as far as the grill . The hood is completely different.  Its to wide and the hindge mount  is different.  I made one that fits for a friend but am not proud of the body work. Its an easy fix i started but right now dont have the time maybe in about three weeks . 

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I have the Modelhaus '62 GMC grill & hood somewhere stashed away, I think it was made to fit the '60s vintage AMT Chevy annual pickup.   I do plan to use the parts on a modern tool AMT '60 Chevy, but it will require tweaking to fit. 

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Here's a pic of the grille that i mastered. I don't have a model of the pickup built yet but I do have a fleetside tailgate mastered as well.

GMC Suburban.jpg

Did you happen to finish casting these parts and the tailgate for the step side?


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The Shapeways grille was my creation, and you're right, it wasn't a very good rendering, so I have removed it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I was going to buy one of those. Im glad i waited. Lol

Are you going to render a better version?

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