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Not sure why you want a long bed, I don't think the Ranger is even made in a long bed. That said you could get an other bed from another kit and splice the two together. You could make it as long as you want.   As Mikemodeler mentioned, use the bed from another kit. Are you wanting a step side or a fleetside ??    

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Look for the Revell F250 kit, it has an 8 foot bed and is fairly close in body style. I do not recall another kit that depicts an early 80's Ford long bed, could be wrong though.

I had the kit but the bed is to tall an it don't match the well well on the cab at all.

The pic is of the same truck I had in everyway but the rip in the panel were it say's custom f-100.


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The Monogram Ranger is an 80-86 body style, and the F-350 is an 87-91. They are both 1/24th scale and pretty much the same size. The only real difference is the wheel wells and the tail lights. You can probably transplant just the wheel wells from step side to the fleet side part and call it good.

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I know this is an old post but who knows, somebody might be watching,  I remember a bronco that was the 80-87 body style you are looking for. It was 1/24 scale and several different versions were produced throughout the years, made by Revell. If you are looking for 1/25 scale, MPC also had a Bronco of that era.  I had both kits at one time and remember the different sizes due to 1/24 and 1/25 scales. You will have to do some fabrication with possibly 2 kits but you will have the body lines and wheel wells you need.




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I used the Bronco kit and the 1992-96 AMT Ford shortbed. I used the entire front end from the Bronco grafted to the AMT Ford cab. I grafted the rear wheel openings from the Bronco into the AMT bed. You could do the same with the 1992-96 AMT Ford longbed kit. Good luck ?.



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