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Hello everyone.

I present my last model. Top chop, remove emblems and handles, change side sticks, reduce and integrate bumpers. Engine compartment changes. Zimmerman wheels, BMW Brown paint and the Renault beige. Enjoy

Full WIP pictures :http://public.fotki.com/Zelkam/stock/1957-ford-del-rio-custom/

Full WIP video https://youtu.be/7IXz9KraYN4









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 A big thank you for the comments :)

Nice build! I like the subtle chop and the Meteor-style side trim!

But what's with the transit bus steering wheel angle?

Hello, the firewall that holds the steering wheel, and glued to the bodywork. I had to for the photo stuck like that. The angle then changed

Lots of little touches on this make it stand out. I really like the engine compartment, and the bumper work. But I agree why the big steering wheel at a weird angle ??

Hello, it is the original steering wheel for the photo stuck like that. The angle then changed

hello, I hope you will have it at NNL East, if you're coming this year.  Beautiful!

Yes i come to NNL east :)

Good looking car....maybe its a tilt column with the wheel flipped up so the driver could get out:lol:

hello, It's exactly that ! Modern modular steerable steering column

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