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Hello, from Mid-Michigan

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Hello all,


I started building back when I was a kid maybe around 10 years old. Seen my dad building a model, and he asked me if I would like to build one. My first kit was Batmobile from the 80's movie.  Me and him built a few together and he thought me his skills from the 70's.  I got into it, but when my teen years hit I got out of the hobby.  I took up art, drawing, painting, drafting, anything creative.  About 5 years ago I was at Riders and seen a Gundam Wing 0. I loved the gundam series and thought it was a cool looking kit. I jumped back into building with gundams. Then I noticed Riders was doing their annual build off. I decided to enter my Snake Bite kit that I never finished when I was a kid. I glued the engine together and walked away from the model. I bought a AMT American Graffiti deuce coupe, and a Jaw Breaker MPC which I turned into a MAG John Milner dragster.  None of my kits won any awards. I built 3 vehicles, that I haven't built a car model in 20 years. What I learned as a kid, what I learned from gundam building, and all my art tricks helped me out alot.  I'm trying to get the The Munster Drag-U-La and Koach and build them this year.  I think I'm going to balance out both model hobbies I love. IMG_4162.thumb.JPG.34d78c6a6de851307de43

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