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Napalm Nova


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Hey Guys

Started this one eariler this year, its for the VCG Resins Facebook group build. Needs to be completed by 28th April so wanted to make a build thread to keep me going on it.

Heres the car im wanting to replicate - Brian Scotto's 72 Nova (hes the creative director of Hoonigan, the guy behind Ken Blocks amazing videos etc)

I love the roughness of it & the way it looks. Matte Black & NASCAR-esq wheels, it just looks like a tough car (although mine will be a less dented, more cleaned up version...)




Im not going for a 100% accurate, but something pretty close.

Heres the kit I started with. Revells COPO Nova


I started off by sanding off the side mouldings which from what I can tell is pretty much the only difference between 69 & 72... Correct me if im wrong.

I also cut, bent & added to the kit bonnet, to make the bonnet bulge.

Painted Gloss black with custom White decals & then Alclad Matte Clear coat (pics before clearcoat)




I stupidly painted the engine Red as per the instructions only to check my ref pics to see its black... This is the start of the new exhaust system



Finally finished the exhaust off last night, now it just needs paint


Also bend up the roll cage. the 1:1 floor is covered in Boommat sound deadning mat, so I printed a sticker & applied to the interior floor


I'm using Eightyones 16" diamond wheels, as theyre the closest I can find. was pretty unimpressed with these ones, theyre more oval than circular! But i also ordrerd another set of new wheels & the molding is mind blowing (theyve come along way!)


& this is where shes at, hoping to get a fair bit of painting done this weekend & hope to make the deadline


Have a good weekend!









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Great looking build. I'm trying to understand the exhaust system. I'm sure there is a valid reason for the multiple outlets. One to bypass the mufflers, but the one facing toward the front of the chassis ??

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Hope I'm not speaking out of turn here, but what appears to be a forward facing pipe is actually the electric cutout motor. Hit the switch, motor opens butterfly and you have instant, unmuffled side exhaust. 

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Hope I'm not speaking out of turn here, but what appears to be a forward facing pipe is actually the electric cutout motor. Hit the switch, motor opens butterfly and you have instant, unmuffled side exhaust. 

Yip What Mecklm said, its the solenoid for the motor that moves the butterfly to open the side pipes. Part of it will be painted slightly different to the rest of the system but I wanted to have it glued to the system before paint.

Heres a pic of the beast from below, mines certainly not that close, the mufflers should be further forward & theres been a few omissions to make building it easier, plus I only had the molded exhaust system to work with.


Got a wee bit of painting done over the weekend but nothing photo worthy. 4 day Easter weekend coming up tho, so fingers crossed the weather stays fine!



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  • 2 weeks later...

Managed to make some progress over the long weekend & a good stint at the bench last night, Looking pretty good for completing on time.




Yes the rocker covers are suppose to be different colours.

Made up some seatbelts at work


Also printed some other stuff too.




Made up the gauge cluster with some silver vinyl & brushed metal vinyl (car wrapping film)


Made up a template for the steering wheel & cut it out & pieced it together.


& the 2 together


& Had some fun with my new Chrome marker


Hoping to get some assembly done tonight.








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This is a fantastic project!!! B)

Cheers, Love the user name!! Very True!

Had a bit of a nightmare last night. I left it upside down after gluing the windows in, on one of those non slip mats. It was a hot day yesterday & the clearcoat is Alclad which is very soft & i guess the 2 decided to stick together...


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