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Posting Pics with Photo Bucket

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This is for all the new, or more seasoned people that aren't very computer literate. Instead of attaching photos, you can include them in your post. Heres how.

First, you need to locate the USB ports on your computer, if you have a desktop there should be a few in the front and back, laptops are on the side or back.


Plug your camera in, assuming that all of you know how to do it.

Open your My Computer, and look for your camera, it would be under cameras and scanners for XP, external devices for 2000. Not sure for Vista.


Cameras usually have folders on them, so open these folders and find your pictures, select the ones you want ( hold the Ctrl key and click on each one you want) Then copy them ( Ctrl C)

then open your My pictures folder, and paste them in that folder (or whatever folder you want).


then open your photobucket account and click on albums.


you can create a folder for your pics


Or you can load them right there by clicking the choose files button.


A window pops up, usually gos to your My pictures folder, find your folder where your pics are.


You can upload a single picture.


or you can select a few pictures, by holding the Ctrl Key and left clicking on the picture.


or if you wan to select all, you can either do Ctrl A or click on the first pic, hold the shift key while clicking on the last picture.

It will load your picture, then it will have 4 lines underrneath, LEFT click on the 4th line of text, it will copy itself.


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In your post, paste the IMG code, you copied it before, using Ctrl V, for a nice clean post it should look like this after pasting your links.


Then it post topic or add reply, and then it should look like this.


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Ok, I got a few more helpful hints for everyone. If you have an IMG thumb instead of IMG code and you acutally want the larger picture like this:


or a Thumb like this:


Then under one of your pictures in your album there is a link code options link


You can actually make it to where either the Thumb, light blue square, or the IMG Code, red square, as an option


Unless you actually use any of the other options. Me, I am gonna make it my only option because I just found it :(

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Well guys, since photobucket decided they had to upgrade, here is an updated tutorial for how to post pictures using photobucket.

Ok first, click the upload now button


Then this window should come up, choose your album by selecting the highlighted button


Click the select photos and videos buttons, then the photo select button, you can either select all by hitting "CTRL" "A" , select a couple by holding CTRL and clicking on each pictures, OR you can click the first picture, hold the "SHIFT" key and select the last photo. then select OK.


then you photos will be uploaded.


At this window, you can add acaption to any of the photos, or select "save and continue"


Here your photo's are uploaded hover over the picture you want


Click the IMG code line, and it will copy itself.


Paste the IMG Code in your post like this.


Make sure you preview your post before submitting so you can see if it worked or not.


Now if you did it all right the your post should look like this!!



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