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Moebius 1965 Cyclone A/FX 427 SOHC


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 I used the body; bumpers; dash and fuel tank from the Moebius kit. The chassis is from the Revell Thunderbolt--as incorrect as it may be, it meant far less work for me. The SOHC was put together using the Parts Bins and the basic 427 short block and 4 speed from the T-Bolt kit. I made the headers from styrene rod. The interior stuff is mostly scratch built--like the tach; shifter, reverse lock out lever and boot; the roll bar and seat frames as well as the tub/door panels, which I detailed with scribing and the door handles and window cranks from the Moebius panels. I added some side glass and frames as well as headliner detail with the dome light. The Hood scoop is from the T Bolt,; I have always preferred the Ford scoop to the Mercury twin scoop hood.







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One of the best drag cars ever seen on this forum! Fourth pic from the top would fool 90 percent of the people into believing it was a 1:1 car. Great detail work ! Even has a driveshaft loop! lol


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