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Ford Fiesta - Rally Erechim 2015 - A. Bestard


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I am doing a Ford Fiesta of the Paraguayan driver Augusto Bestard, which I had the pleasure of seeing in person in Erechim, in the year 2015. He competed for the South American stage of that year. This is the car:

He is a Ford Fiesta R5, category below the WRC. I'm going to use a Fiesta WRC from Belkits, it's not the same car because WRCs are different from the R5 in some aspects of the body, but since I live in Brazil, buying a transkit is practically the price of a new kit (and the Two together gets really heavy on price), so sadly he'd been left with those differences.
The belkits kit comes with asphalt wheels, so for this I'm going to use the wheels of the Citroen Xsara WRC from Heller, making some small adjustments to fit. It will look like this:


Well, paint did all through masks, the decals will be customized, printed by a supplier here from Brazil. First layer was white throughout the car, then masks to red, and finally the black color, below some photos of the process:





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Looking great so far!  Nice job on the complex masking and painting.

As I love rally cars, I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.


I'll be following as well.



Looks great, can't wait to see this one finished. 

Nice paintwork.


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Good evening guys, a little updating of Bestard's Fiesta, I'm waiting for the decals, and curious to see how they stayed.
While this follows a little of what I've done in this Fiesta, I'm doing it along with another Fiesta that soon I'll post here also in a new topic.
I fitted the wheels of Heller's Xsara to this car,

I applied the chrome to the lanterns, front and back, I'm still learning how to use this paint,

The three steps of the chassis:

And the stretched styrene, to have more options of gauges for spinning .. :D

For now that's it, now I'm going to go inside, while the decals do not arrive.

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More photos of the process ... the decals have finally arrived ... decals of the two Fiestas and one Focus ..
Pre-assembly with the wheels of the Xsara, needs a few more adjustments ..

Now with the decals..

After all, I had the great idea to change the front grille, to leave it closer to the R5 version, so masks and new paint ..

Now I need to adjust the paint so I do not get that difference.

Interior, dando trabalho..foto do interior dos dois fiestas..

Well, that's it for now, this week the body receives varnish ..

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