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Porsche Carrera Gt - Tamiya 1/24


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First time posting here:D. Finally had money to buy a real airbrush and a few goodies to build a halfway decent model. Trying out a lot of new materials and techniques on this build for the very first time. The list includes:

- Gunze paints + Alclads paints

- Clear coats and polishing

- Carbon decals

- Wiring for spark plugs

- Photoetched parts

I really like the way this one is turning out so far. Lots of silly mistakes but that came from being too lazy to test out the products for the first time before using them :rolleyes:. Any criticism is encouraged. 


Build consists of:

- Tamiya Porsche Carrera GT 1/24

- Scale Motorsport photoetched parts and carbon decals (some Hobby Design carbon was also used)

- Wiring for spark plugs

- Some random Hobby Design bolts/nuts thrown in











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I will add for anyone who is gonna try carbon decals for the first time. Get a heat gun and decal solutions straight away! Don't think they are optional extras. I ruined a few decals thinking it wasn't necessary.

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Wow!  She is looking good so far.  Ill be watching.  Thank you for the clear photos.  It makes following this kind of thread so much nicer.

Yeah that comes down to finally starting a job lol. Bought a camera, macro lens and tripod. No more poor university life.

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  • 2 months later...

Thanks for the comments so far!

Update time. Finally came up with a manageable solution to my suspension dilemma (not wanting to use stock and also not liking the Scale Motorsport parts).

The final product will be a combination of RB Motion shocks and some of the Scale Motorsport PE parts along with hobby design bolts.


LHS to RHS: Stock, Scale Motorsport PE attached, Holes drilled and bolts inserted


This shows the current product. On the side where the shocks will insert I had to cut off a segment of the stock part (not visible) between the two PE pieces to allow room for the shock to attach. The bolt on this side was cut so that only the head remained. This was glued on and a rod will be inserted from the other end to secure the shock to the joint (the bolt was too thin and too short to actually be used for this purpose). Photos to compliment this explanation once its painted and assembled.

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Cheers people. Another update as I just realised I haven't been taking photos or updating this thread as much as I thought.

Nearing completion on this one. As of now its mainly polishing and assembly of shocks holding up the project.

Start with engine:


The carbon fibre was very tricky. Highly recommend a heat gun for application. Had to redo a few pieces and decided to accept the bubbles on others. Any thoughts on popping these with a knife? (I was scared to do this in case of tearing or marking plastic). Other than that I am really pleased with the wiring and the Alclad effects.



Roof and bonnet:


I used Hobby Design carbon on the roof. Not a fan especially when side by side with the Scale Production CF. Didn't notice I used the wrong stuff until the photo though.



Silly mistake on the rims. Got a heatgun. Was over zealous and melted the paint slightly so its wrinkled now. Oh well live and learn. Rims were painted with mixture of Alcald aluminium and magnesium.


Dash completed (minus gear knob)



Can't wait to assemble!


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WOW.....nice work dude. Nice to see another Aussie on here.

Thanks gotta represent!

Looking good.


Cheers Ben. Trying hard to match the standards of this forum!

I've built a few of these with all the carbon fiber, and PE parts sets. The last one I did, I used both the ScaleMotorsport and the Studio27 PE sets. This kit build a great model and you're doing it justice so far!

I just looked at the one you've posted. Really nice work too. I  was going to paint the centre piece of the engine but thought I'd probably stuff it up. I should have copied yours and used CF! Nice work. 


Its coming together rapidly now. Spent some more time last night: Body basically ready:

My paranoia on screwing these up = using a ruler to place it centre.



Only after taking the photo did i notice the dust particle on the INSIDE of the lens. I want to cry.



Still really happy though!


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Seat belts were painted and dried last night. I now really love Mr Metal Primer R. Works a treat for PE parts that need to flex on fitting. For this model I wanted a street legal version so went with Hobby Design seat belts. Very easy to work with these.

Holes were drilled for a bolt to hold the seat belt base. These were epoxied down.


The seat was then threaded along the belt to its final position (now hiding the bolt....DOH; waste of parts!)


The buckles didn't leave ANY room to manoeuvre the dash on placement but I got there after accidentally breaking the buckles off a couple of times.



Getting really close now. I screwed up the RB Motion shocks. They are precision milled. I painted them prior to assembly and then realised even my super thin coats of paint were too thick to allow assembly. I had to pull them apart (damaging one in the process) and they are now reprimed and ready for paint. Now literally just need shocks and number plates to allow completion.



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Thanks for the comments! Haven't had the time to pull out the airbrush so this one is still in progress.

really like your workmanship. the interior is awesome .what color is the interior painted?

The colour is the recommended colour in Tamiya's instructions:

Ascot brown: 2(XF-3) :  1(XF-7) : 1(XF-64)

It came out really well except I should have cleared it as the acrylic are fragile and don't like being handled (especially these light tones).

Update to come,


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Massive gluing session last night and tonight. 


Above are the shock components. Initially these were painted:

1. Alclad Gloss Black

2. Alclad Chrome 

3. Alclad Hot Metal Red

This resulted in non-fitment as the paint was too thick (even with mist coats). Consequently the parts were stripped and redone in:

1. Mr Metal Primer R

2. Alclad Hot Metal Red

The advantage of this was that the primer is clear and so the aluminium's natural color showed through and gave the Alcald a good base color. It also allowed the use of (what I think) is an etching primer thus giving the paint so strength and good adhesion. Two parts were preglued (the rest couldn't be preglued). 

The assembled shocks:


The shocks were fitted to photo etch bases on either end by use of 0.3mm piano wire and careful epoxy.


These were then attached to the body as follows:



When attaching the brakes I had to expand the holes with a file slightly. Additionally I had to file the front brake attachments opposite the rotors due the increased bulkiness of the PE rotors.


More to come once some epoxy sets.



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