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I ran across this blog and I'm hoping for some help here.  I just got the Moebius 300 kit and it looks terrific except for the hood/grill there is no decal with the "300" and the checkerboard...  I'm hoping for some help with creating my own decal, but I've never done that before...  

Other than that, I have not done a whole lot of car models.  I'm hoping to start a small collection in my spare time sort of thing.  The cars from the 1950's are my favorite!  

49-51 Mercs

Mid 50s Cadillacs

Anything really from the 1950's.  

Thanks and I hope to hear from you guys soon.


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Welcome to our plastic playground Larry.  I too am a fan of the 1950's cars.  My goal for the last few years is to build all the American cars I can for each year of the 1950's.  Not every car is made in plastic kit form, so I'm using promos, resin kits and diecasts to get all the cars that I can.  So far I've almost completed the collection for 1956 & 1958, with only 3 cars left in each of those years to complete.  It is a challenging task but a fun one as the 50's cars are so stylish and full of chrome.

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Welcome to the forum Larry, as this is a great place to be. While I don't really build models of 50's cars, most of my die-casts (Danbury & Franklin Mints) are cars of the 50's. I just love the fins, chrome, the two and triple-tone paint jobs.

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