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For a few months I have been working on an Australian Mack Trident. I have used the generic chassis of the US Italeri trucks and added an axle to it. The tanks are modified from Revell. The engine should be the Mack E7 but I decided to use the motor if the donor kit instead. The cab is a Auslowe resin one. First some base white and then a yellow colour was added.





The wheels are a different storie. I decided to rework the wheels I had developed for the 'Conforti' Mack and also developed tires for that. I had them 3d printed.



A dry fit with the wheels on it and the chassis painted dark gray.


And in some later stage again a dry fit with the cab on the chassis.


I have deleted a frame for the rear fenders. Parts are CNC milled and then fixed together.


The Mack is about 90% ready. Still some parts have to be placed and some weathering needs to be done. 


Final photo's will be placed in time. The truck is intended in front of my TRT widening trailer.


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In the meanwhile I have finished the Mack for 99%. Still the fifth wheel needs to be installed. License plate and other minor detailing needs to be done.




You can find all the photo's on our Fotki site:


Thanks for the reply's


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Hi Hessel, I really like the massive trucks from down under. The reddish dust on the frame and the running gear looks realistic. It's just my taste but the cab, sleeper and front bumper seems to be a bit too clean, don't you think?:D Take care, Juergen

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