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Ferrari FXX - Tamiya 1/24


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Got lazy with photos on this one so not too many WIP pics. 

Original Thread:

Here's the finished product:









It was a great kit. Only after starting a couple more have I realised how basic other kits can be. I really wish I had more experience before starting this one. I may even do another one in the future. Feedback encouraged.



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No Pic's :huh:

I'm seeing the pics, no problem. I have this in the closet and I am a little intimidated by it looking at these and other pics. You did a superior job. I don't see anything I would consider off on the entire build. Nice one!

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Looks amazing. Why don't you also do Tamiya's Enzo. That would make a nice side by side display. :D

I did years ago when I started lol. At 12 years old it looks like trash (falling apart/ glue bomb with brush marks everywhere :P)

Gonna have to get a new one in the future. Restoring the old is out of the question as the glue melted too much :)

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