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AMT Ford GT 90 *PICS*

bondo bill

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Recognize the paint job? I was aiming for the old Gulf Gas color scheme from the '60s. I used Rustoleum paint. It was an out of box snap kit, with some decals from my parts box. I haven't been able to find any Gulf decals, that might be an update down the line.










Comments welcome!

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You did a great job on this car. Always loved the GT 90, a car Ford used to promote it's new edge design of which I'm a huge fan of. My MK-I Ford Focus amazing design came from this car. One of the last cars with personality. I wish Ford had produced this one instead of the poor GT-40 inspired Ford GT. One doesn't need to copy the past if designers are allowed to use their creativity. Also, my favorite Mustang is the '95 GT, and I really love that car over any other Mustang, including the ones of the '60s and the newer ones. The original Ford Ka was also a little masterpiece of individuality. 

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The first time I've seen the GT 90 done in a way that I like. As many know, I'm a big GT 40 and GT fan. I even like the GT 40 Mk III. But, the GT 90 has just not done anything for me. Until see yours. Very nice job.



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