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Uncle Mike

What and when was your very first model?

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Are you kidding me?! I've run across a few references to the wooden kits over the years, but that is the first one I've seen. Especially in the raw form. My Dad used to say that they were "a block of wood with a picture of a car". I thought he was kidding or at least exaggerating. I musta heard that a hundered times. I'm kinda glad I missed that point in the hobby's history. Thanks for bringing that out again. Is the unbuilt one something that you've had forever or a more recent find? I can't say that I could have done as well at that age. Well styled.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the comments. For someone who can barely figure out how to get matching socks on each morning, I am kinda proud of the colors that I chose back then. Note that the car has a blue and green interior that, I think, goes well with the aqua exterior. Of course the aqua resulted from mixing the blue and green and thowing in some white to lighten it up. I didn't have a shelf full of paint from which to choose back then so I used up what I had.


The unbuilt kit was a recent find on eBay. Actually I bought two kits to get one complete. A lot more of the story can be found HERE.

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Guest zebm1

I know that most of yall have heard about tha AMT Model Turnpike, t'was my first slot track. An I'm betting a lot of yall haven't ever seen one of those monster tracks set-up.....well I've got a series of pics I'll share with yall......just sos yall will know what we kids used ta play with......

Tha Box:


Notice tha crossover track, see those wide slots? There was a little trolley rode down in tha slot, sos ya could steer tha cars and it also had reverse. Then yu used these strips to trap tha trolleys underneath....


Extra Controllers and parts:


Power Supply/transformer>


Speed parts and replacement Parts:







I noticed that I ran outa space for tha whole story...so there will be a Part Two:

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Guest zebm1

AMT Model Turnpike, Part Deux...

Tha cars that came with tha track - two to a Set:



and 1/25th scale bodies...sos you could race your favorites NASCARS........


and finally...tha amount of space yall would need....like almost a whole two-car garage.....

Tha Racetrack ----->


Now how's thet for a trip down Memory Lane?

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I built my first in 1999. it was the AMT 1953 Ford Pickup which had been in my basement since 1994 when it was issued. 1992-1995 My dad and I built one model a year on Thanksgiving day but all that was was me pulling the parts off the trees and handing them to him, so I don't count them.

Entirely brush painted, if painted at all. I painted the bed gold because I didn't have brown paint. Actually came out surprisingly good, all things considered!

220+ models ago...it's gotten a little beat up over time, like the hinge getting broken off for example so the tailgate doesn't stay on. I never put one of the taillights or the fuel filler on.



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This has been posted so many times I am sure almost everyone has seen it, but I am proud that I still have it so here it goes again. It is an Ace 1949 Ford balsa block kit built as a custom. It required a lot of sanding and sanding sealer. I did it in about 49 or 50 when I was 10 or 11:

This reminds me of a "kit" they showed in Mad Magazine many years ago. The box art showed a very detailed 15th century battle ship, but the contents of the box were a large balsa block and the brief instructions: "Cut off everything that doesn't look like the box art, then paint". :D I have actually tried a few airplane kits similar to the one you're showing, and all I can say is that it's not for the faint of heart. :D

I can't remember what my first kit was, but I believe it was a Morris Cowley by Airfix, one of those kits that were sold in plastic bags. It was meticulously assembled, using the whole tube of styrene glue to make sure it wouldn't come apart when I played with it... :D

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