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Rebuilding a 63 1/16th Corvette

59 Impala

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Back in the 80's my brothers and I converted 1/16th scale cars into rocket cars and raced them.  Well, I still have my car and I'm going to try and restore it to a static model once again.  I think that I have enough parts to accomplish this and I've started the rebuilding process.  I really cut up the fenders on this car and I have made mold copies of another car and used fingernail resin to fill in the fenders.  It is now in the purple pond taking a bath.  I plan on painting it the same as it is now.  Here are some pics of this build.  I hope ya like it.  Dan







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Thanks Mike.  I'm going for the stock fuel injection that comes in the kit.  I have all the parts to build it as a static model and I'm sure glad that I do.  I'm ready to spray another coat of primer on it and I'll do that Saturday.  I will be spraying it flat gray and then if no more work is needed, I'll start with the different colors.  The interior will probably be just the black plastic along with the frame.  Not sure yet.

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She is finished.  The rear wheels are a little to far forward, but that's the way they fit.  I'm really happy how this car turned out from what I started with.  Now, she can sit on the shelf, retired and relax for the rest of time.  LOL.







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Thanks Mike.  The fingernail resin works great for this type of work.  I was somewhat surprised at the outcome of the fenders but I do like how it turned out, plus, I was able to save the model from the trash.  Dan

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