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Honda Civic Si Coupe

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The best thing about this is that it's my first completed car. There are so many flaws but sometimes you gotta finish and move on.  Feedback is totally welcome!

A few notes. The model was sitting too close to a baseboard heater for a while which warped some pieces, particularly the rear fender (It cracked when I forced it into place), and the runners which were too warped to use. Also I forgot to wash the body before painting and there are several places where the paint didn't sit and bond. And it definitely could have used a gloss layer. I couldn't get the carbon fiber hood decal to lay tight over the bends and curves so I ditched it along with the other large body decals.  These are all things I can work on in the future. Thanks for viewing!




Workbench photos http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/123928-honda-civic-si-coupe-first-car/

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Really pretty darn great for a first build. The heater proximity thing is typical of the kinds of setbacks I encountered when I first got started modeling again about 10 years ago. Properly cleaning the surfaces before painting, besides too many cruel setbacks as a result, is still something I forget to do in my haste to move on to the next step. But it got better with each project and this is a great start. I won one of these Revell Honda kits a while back at an IPMA show and keep meaning to build it. I'm mainly an Old Skool hot rod builder but I've always liked the Tuner aesthetic and want to use this kit to get me into more contemporary subjects. Thanks for sharing this with us and welcome to the forum!

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Very nice for a first build Louis, and a great kit to start on. I built one about 10 years ago and had problems with the rear bumper fit also, but mine was related to the side windows. I rebuilt it a few years ago and cut the windows loose, trimmed them to fit flush, and it went together beautifully the second time around.

Remembering to wash the body was something I learned the hard way, just like you did. It'll become the first thing you do eventually, but you've got to train yourself to do it!

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