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1973 White Road Commander Aerodyne

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This one began with a fiberglass cab and the sleeper from a snap kw (thanks Terry!!). I was inspired by an article in Overdrive magazine (See "On Workbench"). I wanted this build to have that backyard project (or as I call it Johnny Cash) look to it. Parts from many kits were used. the AMT kits were: 352 Pete, 359 Pete, Mack R, Super Boss KW, GMC General, K123 KW, Road Boss, and Diamond Reo. The Revell of Germany kits were: W900 KW and 359 Pete. Revell Snap kits were: 359 Pete and W900 KW. The Ertl kits were: 4200 IH, 4300 IH, and 4070B Transtar II IH. there were plenty of scratch built parts and some after market as well.

The Frame is from the 352 Pete. (thanks Terry) The engine is an 8v-71 with a turbo added to make it an 8v-71T. The rear axle is a tag. The stack is angled back on purpose. A tree took out the stack which was replaced, but the muffler never was straightened.

There's a Johnny Cash 8-track in the truck to listen to "One Piece at a Time".


34900924990_e1575a5317_k.jpgIMG_3110 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


34444436524_b2674f3269_k.jpgIMG_3118 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


35247777716_dd2cd930de_k.jpgIMG_3101 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


35288038795_7a79701d24_k.jpgIMG_3119 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


34444015824_e242f7e705_z.jpgIMG_3054 by Brian Smith, on Flickr



34444495094_0c7d3201a0_z.jpgIMG_3106 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


35287846555_cdfb0476dc_k.jpgIMG_3103 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

34980789035_263168e695_h.jpgIMG_3007 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

34980792335_a189ca07f2_h.jpgIMG_2994 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


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