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A set from several years ago from the Hays Truck and Heidrich Ag Museum. There was a split of the two a couple of years ago and the Truck Museum was supposed to be moving to Reno and become part of the National Automotive Museum (ex-Harrah's).I called them several months ago and was told that the trucks that hadn't been auctioned off for funds had been moved to warehouses in Reno, but money still needed to be raised for building at the museum site. This was an amazing collection and hope that they're able to keep it together.   https://whulsey.smugmug.com/Trucks/Hays-Truck-Heidrich-Ag/i-8qDjRQB/A

Pierce Arrow 1932 side lf.JPG

Knox 1903 ¾T whlbase 84in.JPG

Galloway 1908 ½T Farm Wagon ft lf.JPG

Linn 1930 10T half track ft rt 3_4.JPG

Ford T 1920 1T Form-A-Truck side rt.JPG

Alco 1910 3½T side lf.JPG

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Hey Vince,

I don't remember us going to the Truck Museum. Just the Ford, or I guess they were calling it the California Automotive Museum by then, and then up to the Railroad Museum which pretty much filled up the day. That would have had to been in 2007 or 2008. Times flies when you're getting old.

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