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2010 Chevy Camaro Ohio State Highway Patrol

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Got this 2010 Chevy AMT Showroom Replicas Camaro kit from eBay a long time ago and final had a cool idea.  I ordered the decals from Bill Bozo and painted the car with German Silver metalic.  The decals are top notch and well worth the almost month long wait.




Took some artistic license in placing the decals on the front. The words could not be placed together as they are in the Chargers because of the vent on the front.




Took a bit of artistic license with the blue interior tail lights.  Found a "Call #677" plate and scaled it down.


The two antennas on the drivers side are custom built, while the ones on the passenger side I found in a box or spare parts.


You can see the radar display mounted to the dash behind the windshield.  The radar itself is made from various sizes of styrene with pieces of clear sprue in each end.  The spotlight is made from a head light from a '29 Ford Roadster.


I made the computer out of a piece of styrene in which I printed a screen and keyboard then attached it to a piece of round styrene and attached it to the center console. 


Hard to see in this picture, but there is a custom CB radio in the center console, just in front of the cup holder.



Caught some young whipper snappers out driving their '66 El Camino on the back roads.


Thank you for looking.

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Nice take on the late model Camaro. Does make a great squad car.

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Thanks guys, I spent a lot of time on this one.  For some reason I wanted to get it perfect.

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Looks good to me Pete. I like the little details that you added along the way. Nice touches.

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Wow, Ohio HP is scary enough without that showing up in your mirror! :lol:  Great idea and execution.

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