Well this kit has been an incredibly long WIP. I bought this kit back in the mid-90s when I was still working for Porsche. It was to be one of the kits that got me back into building. So I started it, then promptly stopped working on it. For whatever reason. And now I'm going to finish it. Back when it was new, I decided purple was the colour of choice. And I decided to spray that right onto the body, no prep, no primer, big mistake.  So now I've done the purple bath, properly prepped the body, primed it using Tamiya white primer, then sprayed Tamiya Gun Metal. Needs some polishing, but I like how the colour turned out. Interior is now a semi-gloss black, with Model Master Dark Crimson. I think it's a pretty close approximation to Porsche's Oxblood Red. Over the years, the kit's wheels and seats vanished.  Thanks to Steve (Intmd8r) I have a set of wheels and tires that could be interesting on this one, going to require some suspension tweaking, but it should look cool when done. I have a set of seats coming from Clearly Scale, so those will look pretty good once in. Not going too nuts with detailing on this one. Just want to finally finish it and have a good looking curbside kit to put on the shelf.