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How many of you name your builds?

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The model I'm working on now will be called the Scarlet Harlot...... I've seen a couple others do this, I'm just curious as to how many of you guys name your models.

It's pretty popular in the 1:1 world, and I think it gives the build more of a theme.......


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I try to. The first hot rod I saw in my home town was called "Roman Chariot". Then, as years past, a lot of the cars in magazines had "nicknames", so I bègan to think up names for my models. One of them was " Golden Rod", but this was back in '59 . Many of my models were named., but certainly not all of them. I believe they become even more personal if given a name.

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I call them lots of things when I am trying to build them but I don't think that is what your asking. :)


I have only honestly named one. Called it The Black Pearl



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Not generally, but once in a while I do. I've been working on one off and on I call The Texas Sniper. It's all done in shade of gray and black, and on the front seat will be a photo-reduced 1966 Life magazine with that title on the cover.

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I don't  name my builds as a rule, but somethings just happen...

IMG 3071Miss Led

IMG 2579

Red Rum


IMG 2411

Ersatz....   because...

IMG 2409

Note that this one really upset some traditionalists back when I built it 25 years ago!


The Beverly Hills Hornet


Because it's a mash up of the Green Hornet kit and the Beverly Hillbillies truck.

That's everything that I've named...  which reminds me that my cousin once had a pet named "Dam Cat"

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It don't always name them but I have quite often because I do so much work with custom decals. In those cases the name often appears on the cars. In other cases they've been named after cars that inspired them or just descriptive of a series I've built. Some examples:

The Silver Slipper:




The Terrible Topolino


The Therapy Roadster (a quick build to get me started again)


A couple of Deuce LoBoys:

Too Low


And TooLo-2


The Golden Chariot Tribute



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